Homebuyers Guide (Part 1 of 5)

You need to live somewhere, right?

Of all of life’s choices, where we decide to live is perhaps the most basic—and essential. We’ve gotta live somewhere. So where’s that going to be for you?

Every state, every city, every town, every neighborhood offers its own combination of elements that create community and lifestyle. There are places in the country where you, your family and pets can run free. In the suburbs, services, schools and shopping are convenient and neighborhoods are tight knit—where people gather to socialize and interact. Cities offer compact, denser living but much more access to culture, creature comforts and shopping.

Sure, renting has some advantages: you can experience the lifestyle of a community by renting a place with all the comforts of a home but with a little less hassle and responsibility in maintaining the condition of that home.

But sometimes buying is the correct choice. And the decision to buy a home, purchase a piece of a community and stake your personal flag in the ground is an important one. Once you’ve made it, it’s vital that you have experienced, honest agents ready to focus on your needs every step of the way. But if you’re not sure—or not ready—and want to test out a new community by renting, we can help you with that too. Either way we make sure you get settled into your perfect home.

So let’s explore why, how and when buying a home is right for you.