Homebuyers Guide (Part 2 of 5)

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The American Dream can be yours.

The first time you turn the key in the front door of a home you own, you open the door to a whole new life chapter. An entirely different lifestyle, one in which you create your own environment, decorated and customized to your taste. Where you decide what to plant in the garden, what color to paint the walls, what pets you choose to share your life with, what curtains to hang, what flooring to pamper your toes with.

It’s a special place. Family birthdays. Movie nights. Getting together with pals for the big game. Holiday dinners. Kodak moments with the kids. Romantic evenings by the fire. Raucous patio parties with friends and neighbors. And it’s all yours.

Whether you choose to buy now or buy later—whenever it’s right for you—it will be a pivotal moment. The moment when you choose your lifestyle and what community to become part of. Owning your own home is truly a dream. The uniquely American Dream. And it can be just right for you.