Spruce Up a Studio by Making the Most of Your Space

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Many renters and first-time homebuyers often start out with a small studio or one-bedroom condo, which can result in a lack of space. However, there are ways around this. A starting point is to look at how you can save space and make your room look larger than it actually is.

Trick of the Eye – Make Your Room Look Bigger
A tried and tested technique for making your space seem bigger – and brighter – than it is, is to use mirrors. One good large mirror can be a bit of an investment, but you can create a feature by using a number of smaller mirrors. Get a great minimalist look with mirrors that are all the same size and shape. Alternatively, for shabby chic, why not look out for some unique mirrors with character – check out antiques fairs, and vintage shops, which can be a real treasure trove.

Saving Grace – Space Savers
One thing that’s sure to increase the usability of your lounge, while offering a show-stopping centerpiece, is a sofa bed. Sofa beds promise a great combination of style and substance, and should last through years of house moves and re-decorations. Create a great sense of space, an area to entertain guests and a spare bedroom for friends to stay over, however hobbit-like your home is!

Make Use of Vertical Space
Never forget about the space above. To accent vertical space, consider a tall, slender plant and place it strategically in your small space. If clutter is your main concern, purchase a tall storage rack, book case or other organizer that will draw attention in the room upward. The more people are aware of the space above, the roomier your small apartment or flat will feel.

Source: www.csl-sofas.co.uk

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