Home Design: Taking a Look at Nooks

By John Voket

I was looking for an opportunity to explore the magic of nooks, and the incredible potential they hold for creativity and functionality. So let’s put some eggs on to boil and consider kitchen nooks.

The nook-meisters at apartmenttherapy.com say, whether you have one of those large kitchens with giant windows begging for built-in seating, or a strangely small corner in your rental where you can simply throw a bench and a small table, a kitchen nook can make a warm and inviting space for creating a happy place to relax or host small gatherings.

Renters, especially in cities where many old buildings have been remodeled, are inevitably going to discover space in some kitchen apartments that seems strangely small. So drop a pendant lamp, throw down some pillows and pull up a chair.

A kitchen nook can serve as a cozy place for hosting wine and cheese nights, playing cards, or just reading the morning paper. The experts over at decoist.com also talk about converting a nook into intimate meal space for small gatherings, or just the two of you.

They say breakfast nook can be tucked away in the corner of a kitchen or within a bay window, and offer these tips:

Add a padded window seat — a great opportunity to show some personality and add some color to your space with an interesting fabric pattern and a few charming pillows.

Choose a table — just remember, a breakfast nook is supposed to be small and quaint. Instead of a table rivaling the size of your dining room set-up, a small café table should suffice.

Arrange two or three small chairs around the table opposite the window seat. If you do not have a window seat, add more chairs. And your breakfast nook can also be one-sided.

When decorating your breakfast nook, it doesn’t need to be an extension of your existing kitchen décor. As long as it complements the space, it’s okay to add different colors, patterns and textures to give your nook its own identity.

In the end, a kitchen nook could become your favorite place to enjoy a hot cup of joe and a good book — or a cozy gathering space for intimate groups and stimulating conversations. In part two, we’ll focus on putting that nook to work as office space.